Twinkle Brothers

It would be hard to overstate the power and influence that the Twinkle Brothers have had on the music business over the last five decades. Starting out as a Doo-Wop inspired vocal group in early 60's Jamaica, moving forward through the one-drop Reggae revolution of the 70's and continuing on until this day, the Twinkle Brothers have established an absolutely unique sound and vibration that has withstood the test of changing times and tastes. With over 60 albums to their credit, countless singles, numerous live albums and videos, there are simply no other foundation Reggae artists this prolific still operating today.

The Twinkle Brothers routinely play to huge, enthusiastic crowds the world over, headlining massive festivals with tens of thousands in attendance from Poland to Brasil to the United States. Their dedicated               following of true Roots Reggae aficianados extends beyond borders and frontiers, makin g up a patchwork of fans that spans continents and cultures. Though certainly the elder statesmen of the Reggae world, they are still the standard by which all other Roots Reggae acts much first be measured. Their incredible and historic career embodies the true essence of their timeless credo...Faith Can Move Mountains.

Twinkle Brothers-Babylon Falling by MovementMusicAgency