Kevin Kinsella


Kevin Kinsella can lay claim to being an American Reggae legend, though he certainly wouldn't do so himself. From starting I-Town Records in the early 90's, to founding East Coast Reggae heavyweights John Browns Body, onward to the side project 10' Ganja Plant that has spawned countless albums over the last decade, the humble Kinsella has left a lasting and indelible mark on the history, present and future of Roots Reggae music.

2011 sees Kinsella heading in new directions, with the release of his first solo album by ROIR. Whether touring within a solo acoustic setting, a live Dub duo or trio, or with a full backing band with horns, Kinsella's energy and presence swing wide- open the doors to his immense and ever-growing song catalog. Though many artists and bands have come since, none can compare to the artistry and dedication to the tenents of Roots Reggae music that Kinsella's already luminous career attests. 




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