Groundation is bringing classic Roots music into the serious times of the 21st Century. The 9-piece, California-based group has created an entirely unique sound and style: an organic melange of Roots Reggae, heavy Jazz/Funk fusion and transcendental Dub. Their live show has become the stuff of legend; combining the message and intensity of the best Reggae music has to offer with perpetually fresh, Jazz-inspired improvisation.

Having gained a massive following and international notoriety for their progressive fusion style, Groundation regularly headlines major international festivals (Nice Jazz Fest, Summerjam, Sunsplash) and play to huge crowds the world over. From Sydney to Paris, from Jerusalem to Sao Paulo and from Rome to San Francisco, Groundation is at the forefront of an international 
musical movement, with positive social change as the goal and music as the weapon.


Groundation-Upon the Bridge by MovementMusicAgency