Bambu Station

Bambú Station, founded in 1996 by the impassioned lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Jalani Horton, is the foundation by which the Virgin Islands Roots Reggae Renaissance has been built. Through the Bambú-produced Talkin’ Roots compilations, featuring the cream of the VI crop, on to their own groundbreaking albums, Bambú Station have been hailed by many as “bringing the glory of the roots age to modern time.”

In November 2006 the prestigious Strathmore Music Arts Center in Bethesda, Maryland selected Bambú Station for its Artist In Residence Program, the first reggae band to be honored with this position. Bambú has since performed throughout South America, Europe, Israel and the Caribbean and Pacific Islands. In October 2010, they released the new single “How Tings Ah Go” and are currently completing work on their next album, “Children of Exodus”, scheduled for release in January 2011.




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