Movement Music Agency was created to provide a platform for artists who seek to use their craft as a means to express as wide a spectrum of the human experience as possible. Across all borders, genres and styles, MMA is dedicated to bringing together artists in a common cause and to provide the advocacy necessary to help them make the kind of impact with their music that they seek.

MMA is an artist-first agency. This means that while many other agencies force artists to work within their pre-existing, top-down formula, we strive to provide an experience custom tailored to the needs and specifications of the artist in question. While based in Portland, Oregon, MMA has extensive international experience, including the Middle East, North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. Through booking representation, management and tour or publicity consulting, MMA offers a wide variety of professional support.

With the changing tides of the music industry, it is more critical for the success and longevity of an artist to be empowered in their career choices than ever before. MMA provides our artists the tools necessary for them to have control over their own destinies. We feel that an artist free from outside and/or corporate influence can make decisions for themselves that they can believe in, with results they can be sure will reflect positively upon their goals and values. There is a healing and transformative power innate to music, magnified even more in the live setting. Movement Music Agency's mission is to bring people together through music, with professionalism and integrity as our guiding principles.

We look forward to a future with more music in life.